Credit market reporting

Submission of regular reporting to Finantsinspektsioon is according to the legal acts regulating the submission of data. The submissions are generally in XBRL or XML format and reports are submitted through the data collection portal.

The data collection portal

The data collection portal is an application managed jointly by Eesti Pank and Finantsinspektsioon for receiving and processing reports electronically.

It is a self-service online environment where users can submit reports, manage related users, contact data and company keys, check the processing status of reports, communicate with the recipient of the report, order notifications by email and more.

When using the data collection portal, please follow the instructions on how to use the main menu, manage users and their contact details and submit reports. The instructions can be accessed through the data collection portal.
In case of technical issues, please contact the information technology department manager of Finantsinspektsioon, Erkko Kõrgema (email, telephone +372 668 0549).

Submission of reports

Reports can be submitted to Finantsinspektsioon by:

  • manually entering the data in the report in the data collection portal
  • importing the data from a file into the data collection portal
  • uploading the report file in the data collection portal
  • emailing the report to the data collection portal
  • rendering the report to the data collection portal, using a web service

Technical conditions for compiling and submitting reports

Reports must be submitted according to the Decree No 4 “Requirements for the electronic submission of reports” of the Governor of Eesti Pank of 29.05.2018.

Reporting messages submitted outside the data collection portal (by email or web service) need to be secured. Information about data security can be found on the Eesti Pank website.

When reports are submitted outside the data collection portal, it is necessary to know which domain the report(s) need to be submitted. This information can be found on the Eesti Pank website.

Please note: reports submitted to Finantsinspektsioon must be encrypted (if the method of submission requires it) using the Finantsinspektsioon key.

XML schemas

The content of the report message is defined by an XML schema describing the general structure and the XML schema for the individual report. The XML schemas can be found at

The XML schema describing the report has a version number and date that indicate when the report or schema was changed.

Additional information on formatting reporting messages can be found on Eesti Pank website.

XML - Extensible Markup Language, defined by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Submission of reports in XBRL format by credit institutions

The reporting framework of the European Banking Authority (EBA)

Supervisory reports in XBRL format must be submitted according to the current version of the EBA reporting framework published on the EBA website. EBA reporting frameworks include earlier versions and information on when each version was valid and the main changes in the versions.

Reporting of financial information on an individual or solo basis (FINREP)

When financial information is reported on an individual basis in the XBRL format according to the decree of the Governor of Eesti Pank,the current version of EBA reporting framework published on the EBA website must be followed.

Additional data quality checks

Before submitting reports to Finantsinspektsioon, credit institutions must apply the additional data quality checks on the website of the European Central Bank in addition to those that are already included in the EBA framework for supervisory reporting (COREP and FINREP). These quality checks are intended to improve the data quality for supervisory reporting according to Article 4 (1) of the Decision 2014/29 of the European Central Bank of 2 July 2014 (amended with the Decision 2017/23 of 3 August 2017).

Submission of SSM fee factors

The submission of fee factors must apply in accordance with the forms and instructions published by the European Central Bank. The fee factors data is used for calculating the SSM supervisory fees.Information on the content and submission of the fee factors can be found on the European Central Bank website. Fee factors are submitted in Excel.