Notify us about illegal activities

If you work for a subject of financial supervision, or have some similar form of relationship with one, and find out or suspect that your employer as a subject of supervision has broken the law, please inform Finantsinspektsioon about in one of the following ways:

  • by calling + 372 668 0555 (calls are recorded)
  • by emailing [email protected]
  • by filling in the online form

If none of these suits you, you can contact us on +372 668 0500 and we can arrange to meet.
If you want, we can guarantee your anonymity as an informer

Please remember that these information lines are not intended for consumer complaints and they are not for information about breaches of consumer protection regulations. Consumer complaints can be addressed to the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority or to the general email address of Finantsinspektsioon at [email protected]. Consumer complaints can also be submitted through an online form.

How the information is handled

The information you give us is assessed by Finantsinspektsioon staff, and we will guarantee confidentiality for it if you want.

You may be asked for further information if you have given your contact details and agree to answer additional questions. It is often important that we gather additional information, and so we ask you to share your contact details with us if you can.

If the information you give us leads us to suspect that the law has been broken, our options for legal action include starting misdemeanour proceedings or informing the prosecutor and the police of the criminal act.

Your rights if you inform us about an illegal activity

The person notifying about a breach of the law has the right to remain anonymous. The fact that the information has been given may only be revealed with the written consent of the informer. Confidentiality of the notification is however not guaranteed if the informant has knowingly submitted false information.

By law, anyone giving Finantsinspektsioon information under the market abuse regulations is not breaking any confidentiality agreement or the limits imposed by legal or administrative standards, and so holds no liability as a result of sharing this information.

Notification of a suspicion does not necessarily mean in every case that the law has actually been broken. If the informer gives the notification in good faith and does not knowingly give false information, in order to mislead deliberately for example, then they have no liability for the notification.

Those notifying about breaches of the law need to be protected against unfair treatment, discrimination and revenge. To protect your rights you can contact a legal adviser, and you can find one from the website of the Estonian Bar Association.

If you want, Finantsinspektsioon can issue you with confirmation of your status as a whistleblower, if you reveal your identity and need this confirmation in a labour dispute.

Finantsinspektsioon can if needed give further explanations about the receipt and processing of the information.

Statistics on the receipt and processing of notifications

In total 119 applications were submitted to Finantsinspektsioon in 2021 through the channels listed, with 113 coming by email or the online form, and six by telephone.

Processing of personal data

Personal data are processed, which includes competent authorities exchanging and transmitting personal data, in accordance with the Financial Supervision Authority Act and European Union Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Personal data that are evidently not important for the particular notification are not collected, or if they are collected inadvertently they are deleted without any unnecessary delay.


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