Arco Vara AS

Name Arco Vara AS
Emission Aktsiate avalik pakkumine
Prospectus registered by Finantsinspektsioon
Date of Registration 01.06.2007


Corporate name Arco Vara AS
Commercial Registry Number 10261718
Address Jõe 2b, 10151 Tallinn
Phone +372 6144 630
Fax +372 6314 111
E-mail [email protected]

Conditions of the Prospectus and Offer

Registration Number of the Prospectus 4.1-1/47
Date of Registration 01.06.2007
Date of the Prospectus Supplement  
Type of the Securities Offered Share
Volume of the offer  
Amount of the Securities Offered 34 450 000
Nominal Value of the Securities Offered 10
Beginning of the Offer 04.06.2007

End of the Offer

Basis for prospectus