AS Tallinna Sadam

Name AS Tallinna Sadam
Date of Registration 23.03.2006


Corporate name Aktsiaselts Tallinna Sadam
Commercial Registry Number 10137319
Address Sadama 25, 15051 Tallinn
Phone +372 631 8555
Fax +372 631 8166
E-mail [email protected]

Conditions of the Prospectus and Offer

Registration Number of the Prospectus 4.3-4.9/340
Date of Registration 23.03.2006
Date of the Prospectus Supplement  
Type of the Securities Offered Debt security
Amount of the Securities Offered 16900
Nominal Value of the Securities Offered 1000 €
Beginning of the Offer 06.03.2006

End of the Offer

Basis for prospectus