AS Redgate Capital was granted an additional authorisation


Finantsinspektsioon issued an additional authorisation to operate as an investment firm to AS Redgate Capital on 17 January. The second authorisation issued to the company gives it the right to provide additionally various investment services and ancillary services to investment services.
The company earlier had the right to accept and send orders relating to securities and to offer securities or arrange the issue of them, and the new authorisation further permits Redgate Capital to provide investment consultation to private individuals and to execute securities orders in the name of or on the account of clients. As an ancillary service to investment services, the company has so far had the right to advise companies on capital structure, business sector strategy, mergers and acquisitions, or other similar matters. The second authorisation also gave Redgate Capital the right to hold and manage the securities of clients, carry out investment and financial analysis, or give general recommendations about securities transactions.
The members of the management board of AS Redgate Capital are Aare Tammemäe and Valeria Kiisk. The website of Finantsinspektsioon lists the authorised investment firms that are registered as supervised entities.


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