TINV Europe AS, a part of the Wise group, was granted an operating authorisation as an investment firm


On 24 October, Finantsinspektsioon issued authorisation to TINV Europe AS to operate as an investment firm, giving it the right to provide various investment services and ancillary services to investment services.

The company will have the right under the authorisation to accept securities orders and to send them, to execute securities orders in the name of clients or in its own name, and to trade with securities on its own account. The ancillary services to investment services give the company the right to hold and manage the securities of clients and to provide services relating to foreign exchange if they are linked to the provision of investment services. 

The members of the management board of TINV Europe AS are Clément André Bernard Baudot, Maryam Siddiqui and Lars Trunin. The company is owned by the British-registered investment firm TINV Ltd. Both companies are part of the Wise Plc group.

The website of Finantsinspektsioon lists the authorised investment firms that are registered as supervised entities.

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