Finantsinspektsioon withdrew the licences from the creditors OÜ and Saare Finants OÜ


On 20 May Finantsinspektsioon withdrew the operating licences as a creditor and mortgage creditor issued on 5 June 2017 to OÜ and on 18 August 2016 to Saare Finants OÜ. The licences were withdrawn at the application of the companies themselves.

After the withdrawal of the licences, OÜ and Saare Finants OÜ may no longer operate as creditors. This means that OÜ and Saare Finants OÜ may not sign credit contracts with clients or make the related transactions under their own name and on their own account.

There are currently 37 creditors operating in Estonia with a licence issued by Finantsinspektsioon. The list of creditors can be found in the register of market participants on the Finantsinspektsioon website.


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